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Let Wall Gardens Beautify Your Home

After the Industrial Revolution began, many of America’s jobs shifted from outdoor settings to indoor factories and office buildings. But most humans crave Mother Nature, and our presence among plants, flowers and trees promotes ingenuity, performance and output. That’s why green walls (also called living walls or vertical gardens) are excellent additions to homes and offices.

Green walls are biophilic designs that emphasize and satisfy humans’ natural lure to nature. Let Campbell’s Gardens add a green wall to your home’s urban terrace garden or interior. Campbell’s Gardens’ designers, stylists and artists are revered experts in their respective fields. All of them are ardent about custom-made gardens and metropolitan landscaping. They are authorities when it comes to purveying exterior and interior plants, tailoring designs to unique areas and the installation process. Campbell’s Gardens value your business and offers the utmost level of customer service.

Here’s the gist on green walls.

Their sizes span from a few feet to a whole wall. They’re soil-based greenery. Because they’re planted vertically, they have an incorporated watering system. Sectioned panels hold the growth in loose soil or peat. When planting with loose soil, the soil is poured into a shelf or bag that gets attached to a wall. Exterior walls’ soil or peat should be replenished yearly due to weather erosion.

Interior green walls are three-dimensional living pieces of artwork that eliminate carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. Those elements, in turn, allow them to be elements that are aesthetically pleasing as well as good for our health.

Green walls aren’t common in most homes, so each and every visitor will ooh and aah at yours because it’s unique, uplifting, aromatically pleasing and a beautiful sight to behold. It’s definitely a conversation starter, too! After your garden has been created, you needn’t worry about keeping it looking gorgeous, because Campbell’s offers routine maintenance care.

Campbell’s Gardens would love to tell you all about the many beautiful designs they can create just for you. When you’re ready to let Campbell’s Gardens beautify your home, please call or email 917-566-4885 or And follow Campbell’s on Facebook and Instagram!

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